Construction Services

Construction Services

Iran is full of mines and there is no problem in terms of supplying construction materials. On the other hand, it can also supply raw materials for making construction materials. Therefore, in addition to meeting its domestic needs, it is a country that is one of the exporters of construction materials and supplies to other countries. Recently, some African countries, including Tanzania, have emerged as destinations for the export of Iranian construction materials.

Current situation of export of construction materials and supplies from Iran

Iran is a manufacturer of various construction supplies and materials. Construction materials are items that are used in the construction of the building itself. Such as plaster, cement, clinker, ceramics and tiles and…. Construction supplies include items that are usually used after the construction of the main body of the building to complete its facilities and include valves, electrical equipment and..

Iran has a say in the production of construction materials and materials in the world market and produces these items with high quality. So that there is not much need to use imported samples. In addition to supplying the domestic market, Iran is able to export construction items to other countries. In recent years, these exports have been mainly to nearby and neighboring countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and the UAE. But today, exporters’ attention is also drawn to African countries as a destination for building materials exports.

Export of construction materials to African countries including Tanzania


In recent years, urbanization has taken place in some African countries, including Tanzania. These countries are on the path of urban development due to population growth and the expansion of communication and transportation facilities. This development is definitely accompanied by an increase in construction and significantly increases the need for construction materials and supplies.

African countries, including Tanzania, have become good markets for high-quality Iranian building materials. In recent years, Iran has been exporting construction materials and supplies to African countries, including ceramic tiles, glass, wires and cables and other electrical equipment, doors and windows, valves, pipes and profiles, and so on.

The main destinations for Iranian construction items in Africa have been Tanzania, Somalia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Ghana.

Current Iranian construction items exported to Tanzania and existing potentials

In recent years, Iran has been the main exporter of these items to Tanzania and other African countries:

  • Ceramic Tile
  • Rock
  • Flat glass
  • wire and cable
  • Sanitary valves
  • Bath and shower
  • door and window
  • Tubes and profiles

However, there is the confidence that Iran’s share could be much greater in supplying construction items to Tanzania and other African countries. Given that Iran is a prominent and significant supplier in the field of construction materials, its potential to meet the market needs of these products in other countries should also be considered.

In supplying some items such as cement, Iran can meet twice the needs of its domestic market. Therefore, it can export its surplus production to other countries. There is a need to facilitate the export process by creating suitable facilities for transporting and receiving goods in destination countries, including Tanzania and other African countries.

It should also be noted that the industries related to the production of tiles, ceramics, and building stones in Iran in recent years have gone out of the traditional form and by using modern technologies and knowledge to progress and significantly increase production both quantitatively and qualitatively. it arrives.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide appropriate transportation conditions and facilities in the destination countries to import and distribute these items in the market. In this way, Iran can easily play its part in meeting the needs of African countries in the field of construction materials.

last word
Iran is one of the most important suppliers of construction materials in the world. Expanding communication and transportation facilities from Iran to Tanzania and other African countries can play an important role in increasing and facilitating the supply of these countries from Iran.

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