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At the 5th Iran Export Capabilities Exhibition (Iran Export), we are delighted to announce the presence of a delegation from Tanzania, organized by the African Trade and Development Exchange Company. The delegation, led by Ms. Khamis, the head of Tanzania Trade Development Organization, was accompanied by government officials.

As one of the most important industrial and commercial events in the region, this exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for international traders and entrepreneurs to establish connections and showcase their export capabilities. Participants can expand their international markets and become acquainted with new business partners by introducing their products, services, and capabilities.

Furthermore, the presence of the Tanzanian delegation at this exhibition provides a suitable opportunity to strengthen commercial relationships and exchange business opportunities between Iran and Tanzania. Tanzania, with its dynamic and diverse markets in various sectors, is recognized as one of Iran’s most important trading partners in Africa.

Director General of the Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade) Ms. Latifa Khamis and the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Iran Gholamhossein Shafii, together with the Head of the Chamber of Iran have participated in a working session with the aim of investing in Tanzania in the fields of human services, engineering, agricultural machinery and mining activities in Tanzania.

In that session, Gholamhossein Shafii, President of the Iranian Council pointed out the technological potential of Iran’s Minerals, and considering the rich mines in Tanzania, there is a possibility of cooperation between the two countries in the sector.

Shafii saw the face in agricultural machines, in order to implement this, it is important to first identify and remove the existing results, and the first obstacle in this direction is transportation.

Iran Tanzania - Madam Khamis

In parallel, he has suggested the presence of Iranian technical and engineering service companies in Tanzania due to the country’s need to strengthen and strengthen the economic sector.
“In order for Iranian companies to be able to participate in sales and technical, engineering services projects, Tanzania must provide approved guarantees to different countries that there is a process in the process described today, if these problems are resolved, Iranians will participate in these tenders”. He said.
And the Director General of the Tanzania Business Development Authority Ms. Latifa Khamis has said that the purpose of her trip to Iran, which was held for the leader of the delegation, is power and authority in Iran and to identify areas of trade and investment between the two countries.

Noting that Tanzania has a strategic position in Africa, which is a way of looking at East Africa, he showed that the economy of Tanzania is based on agriculture, because of that, there is a possibility to establish between Iran and Tanzania because the products of the two countries are of this is a strong step to strengthen the relationship between the two countries.
“The goal of this trip is to hold talks with the Iranian parties and determine the areas of joint leaders and finally sign a document between the two parties, due to the existence of many opportunities in the Agriculture, Mining and Engineering sectors that we want. of trade with the country of Iran so that trade and business relations” he said.
Also on the Tanzanian side, they suggested that Members from the Iran Council travel to this country so that the activists of Iran’s power can witness this country up close.

Finally, it was decided to prepare a cooperation document between the two parties, the international deputy of the Iranian Council will cooperate with the party established by the Tanzania Business Development Corporation.



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